Friday, April 30, 2010

The Boston Tea Party...Diorama

Among the varied media and presentation options from the 5th Grade Revolutionary War extension menu, Heather chose to create a diorama of The Boston Tea Party. This is totally Daddy's area of expertise, and it was fun to watch him go to work. Heather and Dad planned out what she wanted, and he did the tool-man work. The cardboard from the newly purchased Band Hero box was put to good use!

The Peterson Production Company (Heather, Dad, Mom) had fun coming up with ideas for the project. There were spray painted cotton balls for water, cocoa powder dusted Ice Breaker gum cubes for the tea boxes, and a super-sweet find at a local Rite Aide to outfit the ship with colonists dressed as Native Americans (Western Play Set, $4.99). We used sticky dots from Mom's scrapbook supplies to attach natives and tea boxes, gold stars from the sticker box, and Jenna even designed the moon by using silver crayon on black construction paper. Mom added a layer of waxed paper and we had a beautiful moon! Heather was so creative, and so appreciative of her Dad's help. She kept thanking him over and over.

The finished product...

(the cubes in the water are tea boxes thrown overboard)

Here's the proud designer with her ship.

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allypally said...

Wow! That looks amazing!