Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween! A lot of Pictures!

Halloween usually warrants a lot of pictures, but since we tried to cram so much in on the actual afternoon and evening of Halloween, there are a lot more photos this time.  Captions below...

My attempt at dressing up...hey, it was festive!

Jenna, MacKenzie and Sarah after school

Bought this cute chalkboard and had yet to use it. MacBeth looks good don't you think?

 The pumpkins were purchased three weeks ago, but our busy schedules kept us from visiting a pumpkin patch or carving them ahead of time.  Thanks to Daddy, we got the clean out and carving accomplished just before dark.  Heather even carved a grapefruit.  Not sure why, but we went with it.

 Jenna left the carving so she could work on her culinary masterpieces. She picked out a couple of desserts from a magazine I had, and I gathered all the ingredients for her.  I wasn't allowed to help, and she did a great job putting everything together herself.  We took her Halloween pizza cookie and graveyard pudding trifle over to her friend's house so she could share it with them.  Well done Jen!

 Our completed creations and their little newcomer.  Grapefruit works.

 MacKenzie, Madi and Heather ventured out into our neighborhood unsupervised.  Fortunately, we know these are good girls, and they were up for the solo adventure.  They were out for TWO hours and have candy enough to last all year.  Our neighborhood has been a little slow, but it's sentimental, and I'm glad Heather's friends came to join her in the festivities.

Jenna joined her friends to visit another neighborhood.  The whole group decdied to do this at school, and it was a huge group in the end.  We ran into our soccer team friends (the cowgirls) which was a treat.  Back at Sarah's house, MacKenzie, Sophie and Grace ate Jenna's desserts and did one last candy trade.  Jenna was sad not to go around our neighborhood, but she gave this new thing a try.  All-in-all, I think the kids had a great time together.  It's sad to think that we only have a couple more years of trick-or-treating before our girls outgrow it.  Heather thinks this was her last year.  Where does the time go?  It goes too fast!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Final Activity Day and Monster Mash

Jenna had an unexpected invitation to an extra Activity Day for this month.  Her leaders helped the girls decorate cupcakes and taught them how to make decorations out of chocolate.  Jenna took her friend, Sarah, and they had a great time.  Little did the girls know that our ward boundaries were changing that very weekend, and that these leaders would no longer be with us.  The plus side is that the girls will be in the same ward.  More blogging on that later...

The church youth had their annual Monster Mash dance.  Heather's friend, Madi, was able to join her, and Kelly threw together a quick costume.  It's so fun when the leaders dress up too.  Luckily for us, he's an outdoorsman and had the pants and the shirt.  Heather got the hat from a white elephant party, and Kelly used her bag as his satchel.  Indiana Jones looked pretty authentic, don't you think?  Heather didn't duplicate her Shadow Hunter costume because of the heat.  She was already limping from her knee pain, so I had the thought that she could use crutches and say she was run over by a car.  A little paint, an old t-shirt and a couple of rags and bandages created the girl that got run over.  She didn't use crutches, and most people thought she was a French revolutionary from Les Miserables, but it worked.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


 Our Shadow Hunters from City of Bones

 Our lovely Red Riding Hood

 The girlfriends from church/school

 The girlfriends' reunion

 The younger girlfriends from school

And last, and most important...the candy trading.  It's serious business folks.  Trunk-or-Treat was fabulous once again, and it really is a great way for the friends to all gather and have a great time.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Random October

11th - Heather informs me that multiple water bottles by her bed are for the Zombie Apocalypse

12th - Helen, Heather and Emma get silly in the locker room after baptisms

 16th - Jenna makes super fun jack-o-lantern modgepodge candle holder at Activity Days

 18th - I find cute circle tags on Pinterest and use them for decor and gifts

Jenna's make up soccer picture day happened and resulted in cute soccer pic!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soccer Season Ending

Today was Jenna's last regular season game.  Next week is a Bye, and then the girls do their playoff games.  Today's team was tough, but the girls did a great job.  Jenna is growing by leaps and bounds.  She loves, loves, loves soccer and would practice every day if she could.  We're so happy that she has found something she is passionate about.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Family Time with The Festags

Aunt Kim and Heather checking out the Divergent movie characters

My cousin, Kim, and her family were here for KC and Liz's temple sealing.  We weren't able to make the sealing on Saturday, but we were able to get together for taco dinner the next night.  Thank you Kim, Sean, KC, Liz, Connor and Nicholas for making the drive up to see us and spending the evening with us.  It was wonderful to spend time with you.  We love you!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dance Night

Saturday night was the Fountain Valley Building church dance.  This was Heather's first dance that wasn't connected to an event (Monster Mash, Youth Conference, Graduation).  Most of the older kids were at Homecoming, and Heather said it was really fun with the smaller crowd.  She took her friend, Madi, from school, and they had a great time.  Heather wore make-up to this dance which was a first, and while I was busy fiddling with camera settings and trying to capture her make-up look, she kept posing.  The sequence cracked me up and reminds me of how cute her personality is.

Soccer Summary - Two Game Week

Thursday evening, Jenna led her team in warm-ups and got into the "using your head" drill.  She was excited to play during the evening when it was cooler.  She also played a new position, center midfield, and loved it.  The position combined both defense and scoring ability, and she left the game pumped at the prospect of playing that position again.

Before Saturday's game, we popped over to check out Jenna's friend's game.  It was fun for the girls to see each other for a few minutes.  During our game, I shot a lot of pictures of the other girls to make sure I was getting everyone's child in the photos.  I didn't get a lot of action shots from Jenna, but this first one I snapped shows Jenna up against an old team mate from her first team.  Delaney (pictured), Jenna and Rachel were unstoppable defenders on their first team, and Delaney was also one who could break away and score.  I asked Jenna if she was intimidated knowing what Delaney was capable of, but she was not.  She looked forward to the challenge.  That's our girl.