Monday, April 29, 2013

Disneyland Passes #1

This post is titled, "Disneyland Pass #1," because using our passes was our primary purpose for going this week.  Jenna and I have passes that expire on May 2, and we feel like we've underused them this past year.  With sports, church activities, homework and other events, our weeks fly by with little or no time to go have some fun at the Magic Kingdom.  We've decided to let your passes go for now.  I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stand that, but we won't miss them too much until the summer is over.  Heather and Kelly can still go through the end of September, and I'm sure they'll make the most of it too.  So here is a photo recap of our girls night at California Adventure...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mormon Helping Hands

April 27th is the official "Mormon Helping Hands" day around the country.  We look for projects in our communities where we can have hundreds of volunteers serving.  I am the most recently called Public Affairs Representative in my little ward, and I had a small part in organizing the project for our Huntington Beach Stake.  We had five wards at our Mile Square Park project as well as volunteers from Saint Simon and Jude Catholic Church and a few community services folks.   There were close to 500 volunteers that came between the hours of 8:00AM and 1:00PM, and we were able to clear weeds,  dig holes, plant and mulch a large area of the park.  This is such a great community event, and we look forward to it every year.  Many things worked in our family's favor for this event which until the day before were looking a little stressful, although doable--I was not overly taxed after our rehearsal, recording and concert the evening before, and Heather's volleyball game got moved to the afternoon at the last minute allowing Kelly to take Jenna to soccer in the morning.  Last year's PA representative was able to relieve me late morning so that I could be free to meet my family for Heather's tournament.  I tell ya, things work out when we're serving the Lord!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Concert Time

Friday evening was OCMCO's spring concert.  The announcements were made regarding the name change to OC Millennial Choirs and Orchestra (still OCMCO) as well as the building of the new concert hall in Mesa, AZ.  I tried to get some pics of my hair and make-up, but they turned out to be silly diva pics.  Oh well, at least my kids will have pictures of me, right?  My friend, Sarah (pictured), was at the concert as well as my friend, Kim and her German-born mom.  We had two German pieces which she really loved.  My dad, husband and girls were also there.  We don't have the whole family at concerts very often due to expense and interest (it's a long time to sit for little ones, especially if the music isn't familiar), but it was Dad's birthday, and I want to keep exposing my kids to this kind of music as well as attending events in such a beautiful concert hall.  I already have a teenager who chooses the classical station on our radio every morning during our commute to school.  She spent three years in OCMCO's youth chorus, and I'm hoping to get Jenna involved for a bit of the same exposure as well.

Super Hero Day

Super Hero Day at Heather's school was a-okay with Heather.  We love super heroes!  We don't have a lot of costumes, but the shirt Aunt Beth and Uncle Kevin gave Heather was perfect with our cape in the Halloween box.  Our friend, Jodi, snapped a photo of Heather and friends, MacKenzie and Madi, after school.  Heather is a super hero in our lives cape or no.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy 75th Birthday Dad!

My dad drove down to attend my concert and arrived on his birthday.  Unfortunately, I had dress rehearsal and a recording that night, but Kelly and the girls helped celebrate.  I planned taco dinner (Dad's favorite) with chocolate silk pie for dessert (chocolate, also Dad's favorite).  Kelly and the girls ate with grandpa and sang "Happy Birthday."  It's so great to have my dad in our lives.  He is such a great support to us, and the girls will have memories of him that will last.  Happy Birthday Dad!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tough Soccer Morning

It was hot this morning! Not summer hot yet, but definitely warmer than our cold misty mornings we've been used to.  The girls did their best today.  The team we played was tough.  They were everywhere and had some pretty advance and aggressive moves.  The photo sequence here shows Jenna on what could have been an easy defensive save to the right of the goal.  Notice how her opponent doesn't give up and goes at Jenna aggressively to win the ball.  Jenna was holding her own, but it was a tough game.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Open House for Jenna

Jenna got to show off all of her hard work Thursday night.  It's the second night during the school year she gets to have Daddy in the classroom.  They had fun looking at everything.  They even tried a brain on for size.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Activity Days at the Castle

What do you do with an 11-year-old that has never had a single desire to be a princess, but who is invited to a castle to attend a princess banquet?  You play up the warrior side of the deal and suggest she take a bow strapped to her back.  Thanks to her friend, she did decide to wear the renaissance dress we had and take her bow.  With a tuck to the back for a form fitting look and a trusty bow, this girl donned some curly hair and went to the castle.

The event was our annual Stake Activity Days event, and it is Jenna's last big event for Primary.  Heather and some teen girls were asked to be Ladies in Waiting, and just so we're clear, Heather doesn't do the princess thing either.  To top it off, she got a PINK dress to wear from the costume department.  Heather was a good sport though, and she really looked beautiful and sparkly all dressed up and helpful.

If you are familiar with our Stake productions, you'll appreciate that the counselor over this activity has been the director of our shows since we moved here in the late 90's.  The Primary President is our former prop master for the shows, so as you view the transformation of the church building above, you'll see the magic handiwork of these two ladies.  The larger hall was set up for classes with a chandelier in the center, and the overflow area served as the banquet hall complete with electric candles.
You may also recognize a few of these princesses from our shows.  The ladies were on hand for photos and a performance of, "Walk Tall, You're A Daughter of God."  The fairy godmothers gave presentations with titles like, "Remember Who You Are," and "Every Girl Is A Princess."  The activites for the girls included journal making (The Princess Diaries), a game where the girls received jewelry, and a quilting project demonstrating the compassion and caring that princesses are famous for. The girls survived, and I think they had some fun even though they won't readily admit it.  Heather did tell me the classes/presentations were great.  I knew they would be.  It was a very well-thought out and prepared activity.  Good job ladies!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


We grabbed Subway for lunch on Thursday and while standing in line, I took some photos of my girls together.  I realize I never do this because they are either not together or they're not in the mood.  They were in a good mood because I'd given them a snack in the car to quell their immediate starvation from waiting past their lunch period for the early-day time of release.  Whatever the reason for their
good and playful mood, I was greatful because they were quite cute together.  I think they've been beginning to appreciate each other more.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Middle School Volleyball

Heather played for her middle school volleyball team on Wednesday.  Over 100 girls tried out, and she made the final cut.  This was great except that there were still favorites on the team who got to play more.  Middle school sports are so weird.  The coaches are teachers who volunteer for the available stipend, not those who are actually great coaches.  On one hand we are grateful for their willingness, but on the other hand, we wish it were a more polished production.  Oh well.  Heather was happy with the one game she played.  All experience is good, right?  The school one first place for both the boys and girls teams, so that was fun.