Sunday, June 30, 2013

Backpacking Lyell Canyon, Day 1

We left for our summer backpacking trip early Sunday morning heading to Lyell Canyon in Tuolomine Meadows.  By early afternoon, we were in Bishop, CA where the world famous Shat's Bakery is located.  We stopped in for some delicious turkey sandwiches and giant cookies.  The bakery opened in 1903, and the pictures and decor are amazing and rich with history.  We especially loved the eclectic look of the collections in yard surrounding the property.

We began to see mountains and snow as we passed Mammoth Mountain and Mount Whitney.  We expected heat, but we could tell that it was still cool in the higher elevations where we were headed.  We entered Yosemite at the Tioga pass which is at 9,945 feet, and boy was it beautiful.

Our first night's stay ended up being in the Tuolomine campground where we slept to acclimate to the elevation.  It was pretty tough to walk up the small incline to the bathroom, but by the next morning, it was easier.  I must add that the $65 hammock purchase the night before we left was a good call.  The girls loved it, and Kelly and I took our turns as well.  Pretty sweet.  We were pretty tired from going to bed late and getting up early, so we turned in before the sun went down.  That is the only downside to our trips to these beautiful areas...we can't stay up long enough to see the starts because were too darn tired.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Doves and A Package

Our doves were back and having more babies.  We've heard they can have up to six broods a season, so we'll see what happens.  

Mail arrived for Heather and Jenna while Heather was away, so we waited to open the package until Heather was home.  The girls found some beautiful clothes from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Beth along with their congratulations for the girls achievements as they advanced from elementary and middle school.  The girls were thrilled!  We'll have to post again when the girls have the outfits on so they can show them off.  Thank you Aunt Beth and Uncle Kevin!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Art Class & Girls Night

My friend, Shea, teaches art classes at a local studio, and for a long time, Jenna and her friend, Sarah, have been interested in taking an art class.  Shea offered to let them try the class to see if they liked it before we purchased a package of classes, and the girls ate it up.  This kind of activity would have made me nervous at this age because I would have been so worried about 'doing it right,' but Jenna was undaunted.  She has been creating at home, and it is wonderful to have this kind of an outlet for her.  Sarah is a natural artist, and both girls are excited to continue and learn more.  You can view Shea's work on her website Make and Take Art.  More to come!

Sarah's mom was off leading the troops at Girls Camp, so it was a nice girls' afternoon for these two little cuties to hang out and create.  After class, we went to Bruxie for some yummy waffles and dessert before returning home for a sleepover.  We made ourselves a little sick (well, I did) on a waffle sundae, but it was fun to be downtown enjoying yummy food and atmosphere.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joanna and Kasey in Cali

My cousin, Joanna, came for a short girls' trip with her daughter, Kasey.  It was so fun to have them here and hang out.  Heather was off to camp the morning after they arrived, but she still got a little visiting in before she left.  Jenna soaked in some good cousin time with Kasey, and they all got to enjoy the beach and surrounding area during some nice weather.  It beats the Arizona heat for sure!

 Making bracelets with embroidery floss

 Kasey, Heather and Joanna saying good-bye to Heather on Camp day

 Kasey and Jenna after their 4-mile run on the boardwalk

 Picnicking in the sunshine with Togos

 X-box soccer and track

 Mani-Pedi night

Bike riding and ice cream on the boardwalk

 After bike ride beach time

 Dinner at Bruxie Waffle House where we saw our friend, Hanna.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Girls Camp

Heather left for Girls Camp this morning.  This was the first year she wouldn't have here dad at camp, so it was the first year she was truly on her own.  She was happy to be going and excited to see friends.  Plus her other mother, my friend Michelle, was at the helm along with lots of other leaders who loved and took care of the girls, so there were no worries.  The theme of the camp was "Boot Camp," so all of the activities and lesson were centered around being spiritually in shape.  Heather ended up winning an award with Sister Holbrook (Michelle) on the first or second day of camp during a water war which was pretty sweet.  Unfortunately, she had to come home the evening before camp ended due to a really sore throat and fatigue, but she made it through testimony meeting which is the highlight of the week.  I love that Heather is getting the same Girls Camp experience I did, and we're excited that Jenna will be joining her next year to do the same.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Last Day of Elementary School

 First day of Kindergarten

 Last day of 5th grade

Our youngest had her last day of elementary school today.  It took me by surprise because we didn't have this experience with Heather.  She had continued on to 6th grade at Moiola, a K-8.  It was a little surreal to stop and take a moment to appreciate the end of this season for Jenna.  After attending Heather's graduation, I picked Jenna up a few minutes early.  Her classes were out playing field games, but she wasn't feeling great and was happy to go home.  We said good-bye to her wonderful teacher, gathered her things, and walked away.  

Jenna is excited about sixth grade, about following in her sister's footsteps at Fulton, and about being reunited with the big group of friends who were on the other side of the new boundary lines.  But first, we'll take some time to soak in the summer!

Middle School Graduation

Heather graduated from Middle School today! It seems like we already celebrated with the end of the year activities, but today was the day.  She wore a big grin throughout the morning, and we couldn't be more proud of her.

 Favorite 8th grade science teacher, Ms. Angelici

 Favorite 8th grade English and Social Studies teacher, Ms. Flores

 Friends: Kenzie, Madi, Heather, Alyssa, Eden and Carlin
 Friends since Kindergarten: Madi, Kenzie, Grace and Heather

We took the fearsome four to Corner Bakery for an end-of-the-school-year lunch where eating and silliness ensued.  I can't believe we're going to have a high school freshman in the fall.  Although Heather's elementary and middle school years have come to a close, we are excited for the future.  Heather is a little nervous about what the fall will bring, but we know she will do great things.  Right now, she's going to be enjoying the summer to the fullest extent!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Piano Recital

The girls had their spring/summer piano recital.  My friend, and their teacher, Michelle, always does a nice job of presenting her students.  This time the girls had to find a fun fact about their composer to present before they played their classical piece.  Afterward, the kids enjoyed a treat and some visiting time with their friends.