Friday, April 30, 2010

Lunch On The Lawn

Twice a year at Book Fair time, our school hosts "Lunch On The Lawn". Parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. get to come join the students for lunch. We bring blankets and a special lunch and hang out. It's tons of fun for the friends (young and old).

The Boston Tea Party...Diorama

Among the varied media and presentation options from the 5th Grade Revolutionary War extension menu, Heather chose to create a diorama of The Boston Tea Party. This is totally Daddy's area of expertise, and it was fun to watch him go to work. Heather and Dad planned out what she wanted, and he did the tool-man work. The cardboard from the newly purchased Band Hero box was put to good use!

The Peterson Production Company (Heather, Dad, Mom) had fun coming up with ideas for the project. There were spray painted cotton balls for water, cocoa powder dusted Ice Breaker gum cubes for the tea boxes, and a super-sweet find at a local Rite Aide to outfit the ship with colonists dressed as Native Americans (Western Play Set, $4.99). We used sticky dots from Mom's scrapbook supplies to attach natives and tea boxes, gold stars from the sticker box, and Jenna even designed the moon by using silver crayon on black construction paper. Mom added a layer of waxed paper and we had a beautiful moon! Heather was so creative, and so appreciative of her Dad's help. She kept thanking him over and over.

The finished product...

(the cubes in the water are tea boxes thrown overboard)

Here's the proud designer with her ship.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Disneyland on a School Day!

We have early release days every Thursday where the kids are released at 12:20 p.m. That is prime Disneyland time for pass holders, but in our family, Mom and Heather have choir rehearsal and there isn't enough time to get up and back before that happens. On this special Thursday, our choir rehearsals were cancelled. We totally took advantage, grabbed our friends, and headed up to the "Happiest Place On Earth".
Heather, Sarah and Jenna on the tram

With no crowds, you can do things like ride the horse-drawn trolley car, and then pet the horse afterward.

The castle was beautiful against the bright blue sky!

In the Nightmare Before Christmas shop, there were Alice In Wonderland items for sale. Heather wants one of these hats soooooo badly.

Sarah found a life-size (or kid-size) Jack and danced with him.

I'm not sure who screamed louder...I think it was the young kids?

Jenna and Sarah are shooting pictures of the castle with Shelly's new camera. Heather did a total Heather pose for me. She's just so full of joy. I love it!

As we waited for the rest of our party in the bright sun, we noticed the beautiful flower beds. The day was so crisp and clear that the colors just popped. This photo doesn't do them justice.

It was very subtle, but we noticed Sarah and Jenna walked through most of Disneyland arm-in-arm like this. Too cute. We had a very pleasant afternoon! Thanks for going with us Holbrook family!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chocolate Cupcakes & The Number 36

Today is the 36th anniversary of my father's 36th birthday. This is his story, and he's sticking to it. He came to spend the weekend with us and celebrate is birthday (I mean, anniversary). Dad loves chocolate cake, and fortunately, this week's scheduled cupcake item was Chocolate Cupcakes. See, there is a reason I waited an extra week to get back to baking.

Due to the week in which the first Sunday was Easter Sunday, and the next Sunday was the last of our Spring Break week, the Cupcake Project was put on hold. Last week, I was simply too darn tired to bake, so the lovely circumstance of Dad's favorite cake flavor and his birthday coincided beautifully.

Jenna was on hand for the Sous Chef position. She wanted to do everything herself.

Here they are in the oven. I have not perfected the filling of the papers without the mess.

While we waited for cupcakes, and I prepared Dad's favorite homemade taco dinner, the girls and Kelly got Grandpa involved in a game of Harry Potter Uno.

The most lovely cupcakes just out of the oven.

If you were wondering who the lucky recipient of the cupcakes were this week (since I didn't show up unannounced on any door steps--hee, hee), Dad was the winner of the whole batch! There were only 12 cupcakes, and we planned to consume them all.

Birthday dessert: warm chocolate cupcake with vanilla ice cream and caramel topping.

Dad making his wish...

and opening his presents.

Happy Birthday Dad! We are so blessed to have you in our lives!
Love you!
Oh, and the cupcakes were divine.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Grandpa arrived today, and he brought...


Did you notice the winter coats, gloves, and lack of footwear?
Good times.
Thank you Grandpa!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Castle Park

This was the park that the girls wanted, but didn't get to, over Spring Break. After doing some mass clutter control, bed changing and other miscellaneous things that needed doing, we took off to Castle Park. It has changed a lot since we were there last. The equipment is updated and newer. Very fun.

Simple Things

The girls have been earning little rewards as a part of a new incentive program in our house. Today they picked the little "insects". This is serious scientific business. Below is a photo journal of the exploding insects...

Just so much fun. It's the simple things that seem to bring the most pleasure.