Thursday, November 27, 2014


Heather helped Kelly with the stuffing prep this year. The bird turned out lovely as usual, and the table was set for a feast. Grandpa Ron was with us this year which is always a treat.

Our neighbor, Tammy, invited us down for dessert. What a treat! The spread was amazing. We watched a little football and visited with her family. We're so blessed to have had such great neighbors move in.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Beach Day in November

The weather has been so warm, and Jenna has been dying to go to the beach with friends, so we did. It was great to make this happen for her with all that has been going on with Heather's health. Hannah D. and Sarah were Jenna's companions, and they had a blast.  The beach was beautiful and warm and although I took a book, I couldn't help sitting in my chair marveling at the beauty of the place where we live.  I took photos and observed. It was truly a beautiful day for reflecting.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Random November, Nature and Hiking

 Sariah on a rare morning walk to the park.

 Jenna invited Abbey to a youth activity.

 While helping a momma with a new baby, Heather had a cuddle moment with the toddler that was too cute for me not to secretly photograph during church.

 Heat and moisture have caused our Plumeria tree to bloom as well treating us to some spectacular sunsets.

Kelly (just turned 51) and his friend, Smith, hiked Iron Mountain on November 22. Why? Because Kelly is over 50 and wanted to prove that he could. It's only a 7 mile hike with a slight elevation gain (7,000 feet!!!!).  A difficult hike, but worth it. And yes, he's still got it. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fan Girls

Ever since my Twilight days, I've been on the invite list for some movie premieres associated with that time.  Stephenie Meyer was the one who recommended The Hunger Games to the Twilight fans, so the premiere of all the Hunger Games movies have been events that my Twilight friend, Sarah, has orchestrated. We have fun staying in touch with all of the Twilight Mom fans we made way back before the movies came out, and often we pay a little extra for a private theater so we don't have to put up with the silliness that can be found during many theater viewing experiences with teens and kids.

I knew that Heather and her friends would want to go to the Mocking Jay premiere, so we made a fun girl's night of it. My daughter who looks so much like her dad has an inner fangirl, just like her momma. It is fun to go to these premieres, and now it's uber fun that I can share them with Heather.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Our Pup

She frolics through beautiful park meadows, hikes steep hills, anticipates her trail walks as soon as Kelly comes through the door, sleeps most of the morning, destroys toys within minutes of getting them, looks menacing one minute and super sweet and docile the next, and mostly just wants to be wherever we are.  Sariah is now just over one year old, and we simply love having her as a member of our family.