Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dutch Oven Cooking

New calling for Melissa! I will be in charge of Girls Camp food. Our Stake President wants the girls to do their own cooking. We are assembling a menu of Dutch Oven recipes, both dinners, dessert and a breakfast, and we bought an oven to start experimenting. This was actually Kelly's idea. It's how Petersons roll. He wanted to prep and find great recipes that the girls would love. Once we get some recipes, we'll create the menu. It's not his job, but I'm glad I have Kelly for support. He's getting the wheels moving on this project. We are starting with dessert--fruit cobbler!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Full Moon Fun at Disneyland

There was a gorgeous full moon tonight! Time for some magic! Julia is now a regular family member at the Magic Kingdom. Yay!

Super Hero Day

It's Super Hero Day at Fulton! Jenna was happy that she and Julia could coordinate and be buds. 
Save the world ladies!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Disneyland for Kelly and Heather

Daddy-daughter date!

Middle School Volleyball Tournament

 Jenna's middle school volleyball tournament was today. So fun to play with friends and get some competition experience. The girls did great!

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Funny Valentine

Valentine's Day was on Sunday, February 14. On Saturday evening, when many Valentines were out on dates celebrating, my Valentine and I sat in an ER waiting room. We had a rocking good time. Not! Kelly had been having pain in his chest and back and could hardly move. So, we played it safe since he has heart issues.  The masks were the best--Kelly wore his because he had a fever, and I wore one to keep from getting sick. Doctor ruled out heart related issue and guesses an infection of some type that may have settled near his chest. We ended the night at Jack-in-the-Box and Walgreens for prescriptions. An expensive date, but glad he's okay. On Monday, he bought me flowers. Not a typical celebration, but one that makes a good story. Haha.

Monday, February 8, 2016

School Holiday - Not Blocked Out!

When you have a Disneyland pass, and there is an opportunity to go to Disneyland on a school holiday when you're not blocked out, you do it! Nothing better than hanging out with some cute teens. Julia came with us. So fun to have a friend with a pass.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Track Meets Begin!

Track season is underway beginning with the All Comer meets. This year Heather sat out the fall workout once again. This time from a fractured tailbone. We hope she can make up the lost workout time and have a great season. She's looking good!

Jenna's Birthday Continued...

Jenna, Hannah, Sadie and Sarah

Sarah, Hannah, Jenna and Abbie

Sarah, Julia, Hannah, Jenna, Abbie

Every year it seems that Jenna has a hard time picking what she wants to do for her birthday party/celebration. She wants it to be perfect, and there are so many scenarios that sound fun. This year she decided on breakfast at The Original House of Pancakes, and then a day at the beach.  Not everyone could make both places, but she was surrounded by friends all day which was exactly perfect for her.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jenna's Birthday

Jenna turned 14 today! Sarah brought a poster and card to school. Mom brought doughnuts to Jenna's yearbook class, and Jenna invited Julia to go to Disneyland after school.  Party to come this weekend! Jenna is doing great in school, is developing a love for volleyball, and she is totally into fashion and make-up. She learns make-up techniques on Instagram clips and does a great job of duplicating them. She makes Musically videos and has a lot of fun with those. She loves hanging out with her friends too.